What is the Local Plan Update?

The East Riding Local Plan Update is a review of the East Riding Local Plan adopted (April 2016).

What is the East Riding Local Plan Update?

The current East Riding Local Plan was adopted in 2016. The council is required to assess whether a review of the Local Plan is needed within five years of adoption. Our assessment has found that an update is required due to: 

  • Changes in the new National Planning Policy Framework;
  • Issues identified in the inspector’s report on the Local Plan examination; and
  • The monitoring of current Local Plan policies and updates to the Evidence Base

  As such, the council has started to update the Local Plan and consult on proposed changes. 

What are the stages in preparing the East Riding Local Plan Update? 

The first stage of Local Plan update was the Options Document consultation that took place in 2018. The council then published a Draft Local Plan Update for comment in 2021. The indicative stages for preparing the Local Plan Update is set out below.  

How can I get involved and be consulted on the Local Plan Update?

If you wish to be informed of future consultation opportunities, please contact the forward planning team to be added to the mailing list. Your details will be retained and used in accordance with our privacy notice. Alternatively, you can enter your email address in the 'Stay connected' section at the bottom of this page. 

Email: forward.planning@eastriding.gov.uk

What are the next steps for the Local Plan Update?

Following the consultation on the Draft Local Plan Update in 2021, we are considering the responses and reviewing the evidence to develop a pre-submission version of the plan. The pre-submission version of the plan will be the version the council wishes to submit for formal examination by an independent planning inspector. It will be subject to public consultation and all the comments (representations) made on the plan will be submitted to the planning inspector along with any proposed changes to the plan that the council wishes to be considered in light of the comments. The timeframe for this is set out above. 

What is a call for sites?

A call for sites is an opportunity to submit land to the council for consideration. This process helps to identify potential sites that should be considered through the Local Plan review for inclusion in an updated Local Plan.

Landowners can submit land to the council at any time, however, land may or may not be considered for inclusion in the Local Plan Update depending on the stage of Local Plan preparation. Further information is provided in the How can I submit land for consideration in the Local Plan? section below.

How can I submit land for consideration in the Local Plan Update?

To submit land to the council for consideration in the Local Plan Update, please complete the land submission form below and return to us using the address details as set out. 

Please note: the deadline to guarantee that submitted land bids are considered for inclusion in the current Local Plan Update has now passed. Land bids submitted from hereon will be held on a reserve list and considered in a future review of the Local Plan. Reserve land bids may be considered for inclusion in the current Local Plan Update in the event that additional sites are required.


Email:  forward.planning@eastriding.gov.uk 


Forward Planning
Room AS67
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
County Hall
Cross Street
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU17 9BA.

East Riding Local Plan - Land Bid Submission Form (word 101kb)

How will sites be assessed?

The Site Assessment Methodology sets out the process the council follow to assess and compare the suitability of potential development sites submitted to us. The methodology considers a wide range of social, environmental and economic factors such as flood risk, infrastructure, biodiversity, ownership and character to assess whether a site is sustainable and deliverable.

East Riding Local Plan - Site Assessment Methodology (pdf 3.2mb)

Site Assessment Methodology - Guidance Sheet with sources of data (pdf 33kb)

What is the Site Assessment Fact-Check Exercise?

The Council undertook a fact-checking exercise with land bidders and Town and Parish Council's in 2019. The purpose of the fact-checking exercise was to identify if there were any errors, inconsistencies or omissions from an initial assessment using the Site Assessment Methodology. It is important to have up-to-date and accurate information on which to consult more widely. 

All sites assessed in that exercise are available to view on the Site Assessment Map (January 2020).

The site assessment scoring sheets for each land bid are grouped by settlement and available to view in the table below. 

At the time the council also published a draft settlement performance table alongside the site assessments that showed the draft proposed housing requirement position for each relevant settlement.  The table showed the proposed requirement figure, the number of dwellings in the existing committed supply (i.e. those already with planning permission) and the number of dwellings that could be accommodated on the remaining undeveloped allocated sites. 

The end column showed a surplus/deficit figure for the settlement.  This provided an indication as to where additional site may be required based on the figures known at the time. 

Please note: the figures in this table for the requirements were for guidance only and there may need to be changes to the scale and distribution once further data is available following various infrastructure and other capacity studies that are being carried out. 

Draft Settlement Performance Table (pdf 37kb)

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