This week at the house

Weekends only: 11.30am - 3.30pm (last admission 3pm)

About the house

Relive history as you explore the Grade 1 listed Sewerby Hall. The house was built throughout 1714 and 1720 by the Greame family. Further extensions were added between 1808 and 1856 to include the portico, stable block, gatehouse and Orangery.

A full refurbishment of the house in 2014 has restored the home property to how it would have looked in 1910. Come and experience a genuine Edwardian home, transformed using furniture from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Join in!

Learn about a servant's life at Sewerby Hall with our interactive display. Take part and dress up as Edwardian servants or members of the Greame family, and chat with our costumed interpreters. Make sure you visit the nursery, where children of all ages can play with our collection of Edwardian toys. Head to our servant's wing to see the kitchen; complete with working coal-fired range, the butler's pantry and the housekeeper's parlour.

Amy Johnson

The House was sold to Bridlington Corporation in 1934, and Hull-born aviatrix Amy Johnson was invited to open the Hall to the public on 1 June, 1936. Memorabilia was donated in 1958 by the family of the local aviator herself and is on permanent display. New items were added for the 80 year anniversary. There are two dedicated rooms, one displaying the collection and the other showing a short film about her record breaking flight to Australia.

Under 5s

There is lots for our youngest visitors to enjoy, including hands-on objects and activities, 'Sewerby Squirrel Finds' cards to interact with in the period rooms, and (during term time) Explorer Kits to borrow.

Why not also come along to our Sewerby Squirrels drop in sessions on Monday mornings during term time. Each session has a sensory area, a quiet corner and a themed activity linking with the museum displays, the gardens and the beach so every week there is something different to experience!

Sewerby Squirrels events
Cafe Chat: The Edwardian Seaside Holiday
1.30pm - 2pm
Join the museum team for an informal chat and discussion based around one or more objects from the museum collection. There will be a different topic each session. Sessions should last about 30 minutes.
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